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PACT de rue works with youth and adults who are encountering difficulties. Through street work, we prevent risky behaviour, promote healthy lifestyles and encourage better ways of living together.

PACT de rue aims to enable people to learn how to take care of themselves and their community, to become autonomous and conscious of their rights and responsibilities in society.

We believe in the importance of a frequent presence of the street worker with the individual or group; in other words, the availability of the worker and the authentic bond that is created is invaluable.

Our presence allows us to hear the needs of people who are often vulnerable and marginalized and to create a dialogue with them. Sharing our points of views and our values is our goal. Providing a judgement free approach, we can inform these individuals about the potential risks of their situations and offer safer alternatives.

PACT de rue holds values that go above and beyond our actions:
Social justice

The values that guide our work are:

-Respect: recognize one’s value and potential, and intervene with a non-judgemental approach.

-Voluntary basis: understand that any person or group supported by PACT de rue is free to decide what actions will come from the result of our interventions.

-Autonomy and responsibility: through intervention, people should be led towards autonomy in their daily lives and their projects.

-Awareness of the community: keep in mind the reality of the individuals or group, as well as their environment, in regard to our interventions.

-Teamwork and partnership: work together as a team to serve the practice, the organization and the population, with consideration towards the practice and our work ethics. Collaborate with partners and members of the community, with the objective of being consistent and responding better to their needs.


PACT de rue emerged from community work, in December of 1990, by the CoDRI (Committee for the Development of Intercultural Relations) in Villeray/Petite Patrie. The idea was to identify the needs of youth, while promoting intercultural relationships and improve the quality of life for residents of the area. 

Members of the committee incorporated the project on May 2nd, 1991, creating Project Ado Communautaire en Travail de rue (the Adolescent Community Street Work Project). Since then, PACT de rue has been committed to helping youth 12-25 year olds who are experiencing difficult situations, as well as educating the public about the needs of young people. 

On October 1st, 1991 occured the General Assembly for the founding of PACT de rue. More than 20 residents from the neighbourhood participated. This was the first opportunity to involve the public in the decision-making of the organization. Two years later, PACT de rue made the important decision to become part of l’ATTRueQ (Association of Street Workers of Quebec). This allowed the team to integrate a more professional approach and to become more aware of the broader issues concerning street work.

2007 was a pivotal year as it marked the founding of ROCQTR (the Group of Quebec Community Organizations for Street Work), which PACT de rue is one of its main instigators. Thanks to this decision, 22 organizations specializing in street work have access to a platform allowing them to discuss geographical and socio-political realities (urban, suburban or rural) as well as their corporate realities (funding, accounting, networking, management frameworks and training tools). 

It was also an important year because of the co-ownership of the brand new co-op, the Coopérative de Solidarité Jarry. This brought together four organizations and enriched our action in the community.

Today, PACT de rue is:
  • 13 street workers covering 8 neighbourhoods on the Island of Montreal: (Mercier-Ouest, Parc Extension, Petite-Patrie, Rosemont, St-Michel, Villeray, Anjou and St-Leonard)
  • 960 youths supported this year
  • 17 partner high schools
  • 13 cultural communities reached out to
  • 1 social worker available every day at our «Site fixe»

Our ACTIONS aim to educate, inform, and sensitize, while allowing dialogue and cooperation.

School and society dropouts;
Addiction prevention;
Rights and responsibilities;
Love relationships;
Sexual health: contraception and sexually transmitted infections;
Violence and delinquency.


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